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Christ Chapel plans to hold several retreats each year. Retreats are generally geared toward specific groups such as men's retreats, women's retreats youth retreats. We have also held "silent retreats" of contemplation. Check the Event Calendar to find out if any activities are scheduled in the near future.

"Eight of us made the 3.5 hour trip to Toccoa, Ga. for a joint retreat with women from another church. We only knew one of the other women, and I admit that I felt some dread. Frankly, I had pretty low expectations in general for the retreat -- probably because I felt spiritually low myself.


"It turned out that by following through with my commitment to attend, the Lord met my need to reconnect with Him, and with sisters in faith that I didn't know I had. The venue was beautiful and peaceful, the worship was free, the teacher was very open and personal about her own testimony, and God met us all in prayer and especially in the personal sharing


"I was reminded of this important fact: My feelings are not the truth. Only Jesus and God's Word are the Truth."

                                                                                                                                               --Robin Stoller, Women's Retreat

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