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About the Mission's Team

The overall responsibilities of the Christ Chapel Mission's Team are to:

  • Educate and inspire the congregation, including children, regarding our involvement in missions with a specific focus on prayer for and care of those involved in ministry.

  • Teach stewardship and administer funds allocated to missions.

  • Care for our missionaries while they are on the field and on home assignment.

  • Administer and evaluate our missions activities.

  • Recruit, train and encourage all members to missions service either in the market place or in the field.

  • Send people who are responding to God's call to missions.


Our understanding of scripture and resource stewardship has led us to establish priorities in missions for:

  • Activities that focus on unreached people groups and lead to self-sustaining and reproducing churches.

  • Missionary activities and projects which are compatible with church priorities and are consistent with our understanding of God's direction and guidance for our local body.

  • Activities and projects which foster member participation and involvement.

  • Projects which encourage indigenous leadership and ownership.

If you have a burden for the work of God's kingdom beyond our immediate sphere of influence, perhaps this is the ministry that you've been seeking.  For information about joining the Mission's Team, contact Scott Robinson.

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