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Sunday School & Adult Education


The nursery program is designed for children under the age of three as of September 30 of the current academic year. Its purpose is to support parents as they attend education classes and the worship gathering on Sunday morning. Volunteer nursery workers care for the infants and play with the toddlers, read books aloud, work puzzles, slide down slides and generally interact with rapidly developing children.

Children's Sunday School

​Children are grouped according to age level to learn about the Lord using the Bible Way curriculum. This curriculum was chosen because of its accurate presentation of the Scriptures and for the variety of reinforcement activities included. Teachers commit to teaching for the entire academic year, so the children have a high degree of continuity in the instruction from week to week.

Youth Sunday School

The youth are divided into Middle School and High School classes. Teachers focus on using Biblical materials in a ways that appeal to youth and challenge them to consider their faith as individuals.

Adult Sunday School

During each academic term two or more adult Sunday School classes are offered at 9:30 a.m. Questions, comments and brisk discussion are most welcome during these informal classes. This is your chance to engage with other Christians on spiritual matters in an accepting and encouraging environment.

Sunday School topics vary, and classes are open to adults of all ages and interests. Sample topics include, "The Life of Christ in Chronological Order," "Christian Perspectives on Current Events," "Godly Budgeting," "Writings of the Early Church Fathers," and "Hearing God."

Feel free to visit occasionally or join us regularly for adult Sunday School.

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